Tuesday, April 22, 2014

BULLETSIZE Old-school thrash from the depths of Sweden

Bulletsize started the year 2004 in the depths of Sweden. First as a thrash-metal band, but has now evolved to a faster, angrier and heavier combination of oldschool thrash and modern death-metal.

For fans of: Sodom,Napalm Death,Wasp,Venom,The Crown,At the Gates,Entombed,The Exploited

NEXT European Festivals appearances:
Dark Mental Festival | Saturday the 17th | Kopenhagen , DK
Gahlen Moscht Metal Open Air | 5-8 June | Janschwalde Ost , DE

Album: The Apokalypse
1. The Apokalypse
2. Out of Silence ( The Wasteland)
3. The Terrorizer
4. Handmade God
5. 1000 Deaths
6. Wishing for the bullet
7. Alone in the dark
8. From ashes
9. Cassandra

Album: Numb
1. Swallow the pain
2. Dead in 15 seconds
3. Numb
4. The Agitator
5. Pay the price
6. Eyes of the blind
7. Lockdown
8. Titans

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