Thursday, April 17, 2014

COLLOQUIO "Io e L'Altro"... reissue of a grey masterpiece!

It was 1995 when a grey cassette titled “Io e L’Altro” (the Self and the Other) was released by one of the most influential band of the Electronic Dark Wave Italian scene: COLLOQUIO.

Now after 19 years it was the time to dig up this masterpiece and Sad Sun Music (My Kingdom Music sublabel) does it with a CD format with a bonus track after the band did an audio restoration and mastering.

COLLOQUIO is well known for exploring the territories between electronic/wave sounds and the italian songwriting tradition and "Io E L’Altro" represents one of the early examples of their soundscapes.

Here is the final tracklist and the new cover artwork of "Io e L'Altro" out on June 2nd, 2014:
1. Intro (la mosca rossa) - 2. Io e l'altro (prima parte) - 3. Si chiude il sipario - 4. L'attesa - 5. Io e l'altro (seconda parte) - 6. Lui e' dentro - 7. Io e l'altro (terza parte) - 8. L'uomo in fondo - 9. Volo anch'io - 10. Il buon ritorno - 11. Sogno - 12. Per quello che ho visto - 13. Outro (la mosca rossa) - 14. Nelle mie stanze mute (bonus track)


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