Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Sweden's VANHELGA  have today unveiled a video for a track from their upcoming third full-length release "Längtan".  The track chosen to feature in the video is "Där Evigheten Inväntar Mig",  and the video itself tells the disturbing story of a man who wakes up in a confused state and with the dawning realization that he probably tortured and killed his best friend the day before.  The video for "Där Evigheten Inväntar Mig" can be seen below via VANHELGA's YouTube channel.

With artwork by the Spanish artist Juanjo Castellano, "Längtan" is set to hit the streets through Germany's  Art of Propaganda label on the 28th April, and later in vinyl format through Sweden's Carnal Records.  The twelve-track album, whose title means "Longing", explores the concept that death is not to be feared, but rather longed for, because it is the beginning of true freedom,  where man is no longer shackled by what society finds acceptable. Track listing for "Längtan", which is available to pre-order.
1. Svartsint ömhet

2. Där evigheten inväntar mig
3. Evig förändring
4. Med mina andetag
5. Joyless
6. Låt snön falla
7. Kärleksförklaring
8. Vansinnesvardag
9. Narkotisk uppgivenhet
10. Eternal night
11. Förbarma
12. Exploderande känslostorm

VANHELGA was formed in Linköping, Sweden, in 2001, as a vehicle for its musicians to express their innermost thoughts and feelings outside the strictures of their other projects.  Today's lineup consists of founder J. Ottosson, aka 145188 (ex-LIFELOVER (live session musician), ex-SKOGSTRON) on Bass, Guitars and Vocals, J. Gabrielson (ESKAPI, ex-LIVELOVER) on Vocals, J. Ejnarsson (TAKETH) and Wadström (ex-SKOGSTRON) on guitars and D. Franzén on drums.  The band's music sits comfortably within both the Black Metal and the Depressive Black Metal genres, but with a distinctive sound that sets it apart from both, and which has brought praise from both press and fans alike.

The track "Där Evigheten Inväntar Mig", which  means "Where Eternity Awaits Me", was released last month as a digital single and can be heard on VANHELGA's BandCamp page.
VANHELGA are set to play a series of dates in their native Sweden in May along with HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY and KALL.  Routing as follows:

21 May:   Club Medusa, Stockholm
22 May:   L'Orient,  Linköping
23 May:  Göta Hof, Gothenburg
24 May:  Bryggeriet, Motala

In October they will once again team up with HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY for some shows in Germany alongside AGRYPNIE.  Routing as follows:

22 Oct:  Steinbruch Theater, Darmstadt
24 Oct:  From Hell, Erfurt
25 Oct:  K17, Berlin
26 Oct:  Bambi Galore, Hamburg

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