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ORIGIN: "Omnipresent" Key Word «Almighty»

Origin is one of those bands that needs no introduction. They are considered, and it´s easy to know why, one of the most brutal bands in the death metal world. They´ve been playing lethal music for about 15 years and managed to build a wide and solid fan base. This reckless force has charted twice on the Billboard Top Heatseekers (with “Antithesis” at #21 and “Entity” at #20) and acted alongside bands such as Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Nile, Arch Enemy, Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus, naming just a few.

Available in digipack CD
limited numbered BOX CD
and 12” collector´s vinyls.

Cover artwork by Colin Marks
 (Nevermore, Kataklysm, Exodus).
After releasing chaos in earth with the previous 5 works Origin earns the status of an infinite presence with the newborn – “Omnipresent”. The album has been recorded with producer and engineer Robert Rebeck at Chapman Recording Studio and has been mixed and mastered with Colin Marston at Menegroth – The Thousand Caves (Altar of Plagues, Krallice, Jarobe). It features the recording debut of new Origin vocalist Jason Keyser (ex – Skinless). With John Longstreth (ex – Angelcorpse and Gorguts), Paul Ryan and Mike Flores completing this heavy formation, the stage is set for decimation.

The follow-up to 2011´s “Entity” album is a discharge of technical death metal in its purest essence. From the time we venture in the first song there´s no turning back… song after song the brutal riffing, the technically infallible drumming and massive singing keeps you with ears wide open, enjoying every single minute of it. There are many incredible attributes in “Omnipresent” like the simple but catchy shredding in the track “Permanence” that works as an intro to the following song “Manifest Desolate”, which in turn displays the huge level of quality of the band when it comes to technique. Speaking of technique… “Absurdity Of What I Am” is nothing less than 2:41 minutes of nonstop death metal culminating in an awesome climax. Compared to “Permanence”, the track “Continuum” is also a shredding that works as an intro to the next song “Unattainable Zero”. Other great peculiarity is the beginning of the 10 track “Obsolescence” that starts with a really cool “impish – like” atmosphere evolving later into an anti-melodic mayhem – the song “Malthusian Collapse”, another song to take into account. The track “The Indiscriminate” is the icing on the cake and the final piece completing the whole. Those unhappy can still count with a little surprise – the S.O.D cover song “Kill Yourself”.

“Omnipresent” is a must-hear album for everyone that worships brutality above all. It´s a perfect example of what technical death metal should be like and also an example of how a band evolves with experience. The new vocalist is without a doubt a gain, his voice kept the beastly spirit of the sound and I even dare to say (no hard feelings) that he brought a new soul to the set. If you like Necrophagist, Nile, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cryptopsy, Aborted and so on… then Origin is a band you don´t want to miss.

The word defining the new full length: «Almighty»

One melee with the words, ideas and its paradoxes... albuns that are news, the reviews at "", always with its watermark,  Pedro Ribeiro, with love for beer... sorry, music from an early age, he studied piano and singing from 7 to 14 years,  then, devoted himself to the study of the guitar for 5 years. "The wisdom is found in the extremes, all extreme Metal here!"

"Omnipresent" track list:
1. All Things Dead
3. Permanence
4. Manifest Desolate
5. Absurdity of What I Am
6. Source of Icon O
7. Continuum
8. Unattainable Zero
9. Redistribution of Filth
10. Obsolescence
11. Malthusian Collapse
12. The Indiscriminate
13. Kill Yourself (S.O.D. cover song)

Origin will play the Summer Slaughter tour throughout the USA this summer, and will be embarking on a full European tour later this year. The band has already been confirmed for the Eindhoven Metal Meeting in December 2014

European dates:
20-11-2014 Rockfabrik Nürnberg Germany
21-11-2014 JC De Klinker Aarschot Belgium
22-11-2014 Gebäude 9 Köln Germany
23-11-2014 Marx Hamburg Germany
24-11-2014 Pumpehuset Copenhagen Denmark
25-11-2014 John Dee Oslo Norway
26-11-2014 Biljardkompaniet Kristianstad Sweden
27-11-2014 Konfus Esbjerg Denmark
28-11-2014 Hellraiser Leipzig Germany
29-11-2014 Lido Berlin Germany
30-11-2014 Fabryaka Club Cracow Poland
01-12-2014 Alibi Wroclaw Poland
02-12-2014 Nova Chmelnice Prague Cezch Republic
03-12-2014 Randall Bratislava Slovakia
04-12-2014 Viper Room Vienna Austria
05-12-2014 Feierwerk Munich Germany
06-12-2014 Traffic Club Rome Italy
07-12-2014 Le Korigan Luynes France
08-12-2014 Razz 3 Barcelona Spain
09-12-2014 Caracol Madrid Spain
10-12-2014 Metronum Toulouse France
11-12-2014 Ubu Rennes France
12-12-2014 Divan du monde Paris France
13-12-2014 Eindhoven Metal Meeting Eindhoven Netherlands
14-12-2014 Underworld London United Kingdom
15-12-2014 Grillen Colmar France
16-12-2014 Steinbruch Theater Darmstadt Germany
17-12-2014 Jubez Karlsruhe Germany
18-12-2014 Rock It Aalen Germany
19-12-2014 Heavy Xmas Zürich Switzerland
20-12-2014 Turock Essen Germany

Jason Keyser - vocals
Paul Ryan - guitars/vocals
Mike Flores - bass/vocals
John Longstreth - drums

Follow the band at: facebook.Origin | Buy at: agoniarecords.Origin"Omnipresent"

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