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WRONG: "Pessimistic Outcomes" In Full Streaming

This duet started as a project in November 2012 and in February 2013 released their debut album "Memories of Sorrow" through the scottish label, Aphelion Productions.

Impressive, mysterious and grim spanish Black Metal Wrong band with Phlegeton (Wormed, Human Mincer, Banished From Inferno, Godüs... ) on vocals and drums, joining forces with DP Rey (The Ytriple Corporation, Neverdie ) to create moving music. This isn't an one-off attempt at dabbling in a form of music - 'Pessimistic Outcomes' is accomplished in its vision and is the second album by this Spanish band. The songs are expansive, atmospheric and sufficiently gritty and poignant enough to warrant your attention throughout. These are songs of desolation and human despair, expressed in a language that's universal. 

"Pessimistic Outcomes" was entirely produced by the band themselves at their own Delta314 Sound Studio and means a logical progression to the atmospheric and oppressive musical style adopted in their previous album "Memories of Sorrow" but this time, going one step further, with more mature and progressive compositions, highlighting its powerful and defined production.

The band recently has inked an agreement with XTREEM MUSIC which have likened this band to ones like Blut aus Nord, Lunar Aurora, Khold, Craft, Taake and early Satyricon. The release of their second album entitled "Pessimistic Outcomes" includes five tracks with a total length of 47 minutes.

Check out below the official video for the title track "Pessimistic Outcomes".

WRONG displays a very particular vision of Black Metal, performed with conviction and skills, near the swedish Shining, full of desperate and mysterious passages, disturbing pianos, similar to Lifelover or Lunar Aurora, sharp guitars that reveal hypnotic melodies and dark dissonances in the style of Blut Aus Nord, combined with raw mid-paced passages that reminds to Khold but somewhat more dynamic, incorporating powerful galloping rhythms similar to Craft, and of course without giving up traditional quick bursts like Taake or early Satyricon. All this accompanied by a very different and heartbreaking voice that we aren’t used to hearing from Phlegeton, much more sharp and agonizing, telling awful stories of a decadent humanity, without resources in a world consumed by the ashes, where there's only misery and despair, transporting us into unfathomable depths of doom and darkest hell.

The track listing for the album is as follows:
1. Thru the Grey Path to Nowhere (08:53)
2. His Hatred Breathes (08:19)
3. Pessimistic Outcomes (07:48)
4. Dragging my Soul Until the Sunset (11:25)
5. I Thought I'd Woken (09:38)

The current band line-up remains as a duet being accompanied on live shows by the following session members:
Setesh: Guitar (Khanesh, Redrum 237)
Guillemoth: Bass (Wormed)
Gabriel: Drums (Infected Plague, ex-Ered, ex-Abrahel)

We can figure out the look of the band and the show they offer, through this live video "They Look at Me" from the album "Memories of Sorrow", shot on November 2, 2013, during Madrid in Ruins Festival at Sala Lemon.

Listen in full "Pessimistic Outcomes" and buy here.

Pessimistic Outcomes

For more information about 
check out their official websites at: 
facebook.Wrong | wrong.bandcamp

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