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Saille “Eldritch” Reviewed

Well, here i am once again to talk about Saille, the symphonic black metal musicians are back to give us nightmares as it seems. After the release of their, still fresh, second album “Ritu”, inspired in H.P. Lovecraft and ancient cultures (more precisely by death rites in ancient cultures) which gave me a great pleasure reviewing, the band embarked on their first tour in January 2013, with Transylvanian black metal legends Negura Bunget. Followed by more gigs in Belgium, the Netherlands and performances on several festivals like AMF (with Napalm Death), Vlamrock (with Exhumed, Belphegor and Rotting Christ) and Metal Méan (with Marduck and Dying Fetus). In September Saille suported the British band Winterfylleth on three UK shows. The band’s last performance for 2013 took place in Denmark for a headlining position on the ‘Black Winter Fest’ in Copenhagen.

Eldritch” (adj. Weird, sinistre, unearthly or ghostly) is Saille’s most recente work. It contains nine songs with a total of fifty-five minutes in which they integrated their favourite Horror literature. Both recorded and mixed by Klas Blomgren known for his work with Svart, the alter ego of Draug (Shining). “Eldritch” will be presented in Belgium on a release show with Winterfylleth and again on Eindhoven Metal Meeting in The Netherlands.

To put it simple i think that “Eldritch” is another Saille’s awesome melodic black metal album. It’s very similar with “Ritu” in terms of content, i.e., it has the same literary influences, it’s lyrically based on horror classics. Besides, in terms of sound, the band keeps their main influences – the epicness of bands such as Tartaros, Limbonic Art and Keep of Kalessin. Don’t get me wrong, “Eldritch” isn’t repetitive or boring, quite the contrary. The band succeed in focusing their musical spectrum making it less atmospheric but much more extensive with a huge epicness to it – for instance when Dries plays the grand piano on the song “Cold War” or when Reinier plays the pianola on the song “Emerald”. Also the band managed to create a forceful soundscape when it comes to the guitars. As the band itself says “the guitars form the main epic base for the new Saille’s songs”. You can confirm it by listening the riffs and solos of songs such as “Aklo” and “The Great God Pan”. I really like the fact that this album sounds much more old school than “Ritu”. It seems to me that “Eldritch” keeps the black metal more ingrained despite the symphonic fusion. To wrap it up i think that it’s good to remember that Saille isn’t going to reinvent the wheel. So, for those who expect something out of the box maybe this is not for you. But if you are a big fan of the gender i really advise you to take a look or rather a listen.

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The artwork was handled by Colin Marks for Rain Song Design, Check out below.

01 - Emerald
02 - Walpurgis
03 - The Great God Pan
04 - Aklo
05 - Cold War
06 - Eater of Worlds
07 - Red Death
08 - Dagon
09 - Carcosa

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