Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Endzeit's apocalyptic metal

If you want black metal than you should check the black metal band coming from Finland named Endzeit. This black force is very young but don’t take that as a weakness. Born in late 2012 from the deepest ruins of human failures this group portraits the decay of life, happiness and absence of future in their ‘Years of Hunger’ EP. All this feelings are exhumed through their post-apocalyptic metal influenced by the downfall of the city of Detroit where modern capitalism has failed.

Endzeit is a project by Niksus Polaris (guitar) that recruited Schwarz (vocals), Samuli (drums) and Pyry (bass). This project is simple to understand – raw black metal with no more to it. Many may argue that the sound brings nothing new to the genre but that’s the idea. If one chooses to play pure black metal there’s not much to do except keeping the roots and at doing so Endzeit shows the spirit. What would be expected from these black metallers? Flourishes? Diversions? Progressions? Something new? Well, too bad! That’s not what this band is about. The true essence of black metal is the style displayed by Endzeit and there’s no better way to deal with the themes presented by the group.

‘Inception’ is the Intro of the EP and the song really takes you in a voyage through ruins and chaos. It’s the perfect start for the concept of the work. This music prepares the listener for what lies ahead with an ambiance created essentially by the military-like drumming.

‘Hunger’ is a 5 minutes piece and what this song does is dictate the overall of the EP. A solid and strong song containing the purest essence of black metal one can find. If the world were to end today this would be a good track to follow the destruction of humanity.

The 3rd song entitled ‘Godless’ is even better. At this moment ‘Years of Hunger’ shows an energy that evolves in a crescendo. I especially like a passage that begins at 3:05 with a breakdown followed by an agressive entry of drums. Honey for the ears as we portuguese say (“mel para os ouvidos”).

The next song called ‘Life?’ starts with a more melodic atmosphere created by the guitars and by the chants in the background of the music. To me this song is a bit much in terms of time. With 6:43 minutes I was expecting more from the band. The fact is that the music turns a bit boring at some point. Still it’s a good one.

Last but not least comes the song ‘The Dawn no more rises’. The song is actually pretty brutal displaying almost 4 minutes of furious black metal. In this cover Endzeit was able to capture the substance of “Dark Funeral” without losing their personality. 5 stars cover!

To conclude Endzeit is an old school band demonstrating that the Finnish metal scene is also hard and heavy and that raw black metal is awesome as it is. For its simplicity and purity ‘Years of Hunger’ is suited to any lover of the genre and it’s an excelente fucking EP. Check it out and rock on \m/.

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Check "Years of Hunger" below

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