Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Gardnerz posts video of drum recording

Hails my fellow metalheads. Here we are again and with some good news from our doomy friends The Gardnerz. After releasing the album 'The System of Nature' (2011), the mini album 'It All Fades' (2012) and the single 'Exiting Reality' (2013), the International doom/death metal monster is back with blends of boisterous and fatalistic metal. It seems that their up coming album - 'We Have Lost - A Fatalist Manifesto' - is taking shape.

If you want a little taste of what's to come just check (below) the drum recording video for the new album that the Swedish band posted on youtube, recorded at studio Armageddon Osijek Croatia.

The new work sounds exciting. As expected, from what you can listen, the album displays a varied soundscape with some groovy rhythms. Wilhelm brings his Flamenco/Classical roots to the album and blends it with death riffs and slow tempos. As always The Gardnerz show how groundbreaking is their extreme music.

'We Have Lost - A Fatalist Manifesto' is slated for an early to mid 2015 release through Mechanix records from Sweden. The album will contain eight songs, plus an intro/ outro and as always a cover song.

The Gardnerz - 'We Have Lost -A Fatalist Manifesto' Line up:

Johan Bergström - Vocals
Wilhelm Lindh - Guitar
Francisco Martín - Bass
Vedran Benčić - Drums

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