Saturday, February 7, 2015

Never A Hero with the heroic 'UnEvolution'

Hails my fellow headbangers. Guess who’s back with more heavy fucking metal? Me! with my awesome instrumental skills. Nope! Just kidding… I bring you something special, the UK based alternative metallers Never A Hero with their newest release ‘UnEvolution’.

Before starting tearing down the band’s work i need to elucitade an important issue. If you don’t like alternative metal you can stop reading right now! If you don’t like nu-metal don’t bother reading these lines! If you don’t like the fusion between metal and dubstep, for your own sake, leave this page! If you’re too cool to dance this is not your shit, better turn back!

Never A Hero is a band that establishes the boundaries between what’s metal and what’s not metal. The band stays right in the middle of this duality. On one hand they are, unquestionably, metal musicians. On the other hand, they extract so much genres of music that they end up leaving their listeners a bit skeptical towards their music style. To tell the truth, at the beginning, I was also skeptical about their music, but after a few listens I think I figured out the band’s purpose – Experimentalism! (sorry if I’m wrong about this) Lets agree in saying that they are crack-a-jack players of extreme fusion music and that alternative/experimental metal is the accurate name for their music.

For me, the album ‘UnEvolution’ is a cool breed… adding electronic elements to metal is the same as blending cola with whiskey. I think whiskey is a great drink. I think cola is a nice drink. When you mix those two drinks together the result is also good. However, I prefer whiskey. Spite of the fact I don’t like my metal with danceable music I admit that Never A Hero’s music is a great cross of various components. Besides, I’m finding outstanding ingredientes in their musical character that I like to the extent of headbanging while I’m writing these same lines. Take the song ‘Mr. Munchausen’ as an exemple. This tune shows a very nu-metal side of the band. It sounds very Linkin Park. I also like the way how the back vocals are used in the song ‘Nightboy’, specially the heavy growls. This song reminds me of the 90’s punk bands like Rise Against and AFI. The song ‘Not Too Cool To Dance’ reminds me of P.O.D on drugs – much faster and with dubstep in the mixture (not a bad compliment).

What I find really awesome about these guys is that they are capable of presenting a clean-cut sound without being confusing. The wide variety of styles used is part of them and that’s something that makes them unique to the point of making them a reference band for others. In the end and notwithstanding the comparisons I made above, Never A Hero rises as a singular act with an unparalleled sonority.

With Phrixus, the lead singer, taking the listeners through the lyrics, Mickey Thin playing the guitar and doing vocals, Kaji playing the lead guitar, KB playing the bass and also doing vocals, Daisy Lay playing the drums, the band is complete and preared to ignite you ears.

If you like to try new things and you’re into modern extreme music I recommend Never A Hero and their new album ‘UnEvolution’. Check them out and rock on \m/

‘UnEvolution’ is out for pre-order now. The work will be released on 30 March, 2015. You can get the album for free if you buy a February tour ticket

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01 - A Thousand Days Wasted
02 - Mr. Munchausen
03 - Nightboy
04 - Not Too Cool To Dance
05 - It's The Way
06 - The Crow That Follows You Home
07 - God is Complex
08 - Kramer
09 - Falling Up
10 - The Idiots Are Winning
11 - Succubus
12 - Time To Crucify

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