Thursday, November 15, 2012

BEYOND CREATION: New Official Music Video, "Omnipresent Perception"

Montreal's rising-star progressive death metal wizards Beyond Creation have just released the new official music video for their song, "Omnipresent Perception". The track is from their debut album, The AuraThe video clip can be seen below.

"This video was created in collaboration with Obnoxious Entertainment, a brand-new production company from Montreal," comments BC singer/guitarist Simon Girard. "'Omnipresent Perception' contains a simple and direct message: we are free to trust in whatever we want, but we should first trust in ourselves, and make sure we do it the right way! We are very happy with the end result of this video and we hope people will have as much watching it as we did making it."

Fans interested in finding out more about Beyond Creation can visit the band's Facebook page, as well as Obnoxious Entertainment's official website.

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