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Beyond Mortal Dreams: Dreaming Death one "Best Of Death Metal"

From Adelaide “The black death calls” you into a “volatile, festival of death”, to hear chaos through a putrid musical experience of brutal death metal, offered by the demon called Beyond Mortal Dreams. Sit down, increase speaker volume, enjoy… warning: This may induce vicious headbanging.

BMD” was originally formed in 1995 but they started back in 1992 under the name Suffering (with Hellaeon and Pahl Hodgson in the line up). The band faced many changes through its existence and in 2004 the first demo was released. Ghuul the bass player entered in this demonic junction when the desire to do live performances grew. Initially the live assault began as a three piece but later “BMD” included Bloodspawn (guitars) into its destructive live formation. During that time in 2006 a new demo was released entitled “The Demon and the Tree of the Dead”. During 2006-2007 “BMD” shared the stage with some huge monsters of metal such as Behemoth and Nile. It was during this period that the band entered in studio to begin recording their first full-length (“From Hell”) which was independently released in 2008.

Due to Hellaeon and Ghuul departure “BMD” saw its journey in a state of stagnancy but Doomsayer continued pursuing the demonic entity next incarnation. Finally in 2010 Doomsayer found Maleficus a passionate brutal drummer and this marked a new era for “BMD” with the composition of a magnificent death metal work entitled “Dreaming Death” a four track EP that was released in early 2012.

I have to say I was overwhelmed by this powerful trio, I never heard anything of them before. Actually “Dreaming Death” was the first work I had the chance to hear and when I clicked play I was instantaneously immersed by a dense and dark cloud of thunderous notes and growls that left me awestruck. This EP hit me like a fucking truck over 100km, I was speechless and asked myself “how can a band like this haven`t a record label?” but I deeply believe that this is going to change soon, they deserve a spotlight, they deserve to be heard and we (listeners) deserve much more awesome works from this guys!

You can feel in their music that they aren´t new, in fact they are a old school band from the underground scene of the 90´s and that´s the reason why they are so damn good, because of their experience not forgetting their skills of course. Maybe they aren´t very well-known because they suffered many changes, they didn´t play many live shows and had a stationary period but now they are stronger and with all the passion in this project.

Dreaming Death” is a successor of 2008 debut album “From Hell”, it includes a Beherit´s cover (“Beast of Damnation”) and its pure massive destruction with a blend of death metal and dark melodies. This release takes us back to the good old sound without forgetting the evolution of metal into a new and vast spectrum of soundscapes. “Dreaming Death” is dense, intense, atmospheric, raging, frenetic, heavy and brutal as hell with a lot of technique in all this dark composition. The riffs are catchy and vicious with a low tune to transform the music in a demented monster that crushes everything in sight, the solos are incredibly well constructed in harmony with the music, the drums are crazy with a outstanding presence in this death orgy, the synths gives the important texture and the voice is simply amazing, a hard and low tune guttural work… the final result is “Dreaming Death” a masterpiece of death metal.

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Feast of Carrion
The Filth of Their God
Dreaming Death
Beast of Damnation
Doomsayer - vocals/lead, rhythm and bass guitar/synth         Bloodspawn - lead and rhythm guitar            Maleficus - Drums       

"Dreaming Death" can be found at Store.Lavadome.BMD Facebook.BMD

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