Sunday, November 18, 2012

CHAOS INCEPTION - 'Lunatic Necromancy' Lyric Video Posted; Full Album Streaming

A lyric video for 'Lunatic Necromancy' from Alabama's death metallers CHAOS INCEPTION has been posted and can be viewed below. The lyric video is based on spectacular 3D-like depiction of album's cover done by Paolo Girardi. The song itself can be found on band's latest album, The Abrogation, which was issued by Lavadome productions this June, and represents and unmercifully skilful onslaught of Brazilian/Floridian style of death metal. If you haven't heard The Abrogation yet, it's about time to listen to it and update your top 2012 extreme death metal lists now!

Check out the lyric video for 'Lunatic Necromancy' at this location

The band comments on the lyrics: "'Lunatic Necromancy' represents the perversion and sadism of an insane mind, in a different and perhaps more realistic way than is typical. We do not glorify ritual murderers or serial killers. They are pathetic individuals - aberrations. What is the voice that they hear in their minds? What are their hallucinations? You will not understand them, but could you unwittingly become one?" 

The Abrogation is streaming in its entirety below.

1.The Abrogation
2.Phalanx (The Tip Of The Spear)
3.Lunatic Necromancy
4.Pazuzu Eternal
5.Hammer Of Infidel
6.Black Blood Vortex
7.Ancient Ways Prevail
8.The Exterminati
9.Scald Command

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