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LORD AGHEROS Interviewed: Colossal journey through “Demiurgo”

... Lord Agheros once again pulled out a colossal journey and I have to say even the gods knelt before him with this epic ode to the Greek mythology and Mortal´s soul. My soul is in piece!

PEDRO RIBEIRO  - Gerassimos Evangelou you are the solo project named Lord Agherus and “Demiurgo” is your fourth full-length release. Despite the fact that you are a one man band did you had any help in the production of the album?

Gerassimos Evangelou - not, all the musical context behind Lord Agheros must stem from a single soul. The only exception in the prologue narrated by a female voice.

PR - Did you find many stones blocking your creative journey through shadows and light? Tell us about the process of the making of “Demiurgo”.

GE - Having had a complete idea of what I wanted to do, everything flowed as if it were already written. All that remained was to give light and the results were exactly what I hoped for.

PR - What were your inspirations for the complex scenical representation of this work? Why the Greek mythology?

GE - Light, shadow, dualism, the two sides that the human mind is even if we try to disguise in our time can never erase what we really are. The figure of this shaper is also what we are in the more 'depth of our ego. Everything led back to Greek roots

PR - Let’s talk about the name of the album… how does the god (“Demiurgo”) is related to the history you tell?

GE - Demiurg is the heavenly craftsman, he who shapes the material already exists. I made the music and I forged my "I" through it telling strengths and weaknesses of man.

PR -Explain to us the meaning of the two Chapters (The night in the infernal reign and the night in the human world). What´s the link between these realms and the dualistic soul idea?

GE - The night in the hell realm and all its children represent the dark side of every soul, the other chapter represents the feelings more pure but they are always linked to another. There can be a predominance without the other there exists

PR - I was able to find a chain linking all the elements of the work…I found that in the creation of this “labyrinthic” path through the sons of Erebo and Nix you created a specific order with the gods. Am I right? 

GE - Not exactly, it is the only god represented by Demiurgo, Erebus and Nyx are the undisputed masters of their realms, in fact the two sides of the person that create children that represent the characteristics of the two,

PR - What´s the main goal of this work? Do you pretend to show the strong and fragile side of Human existence?

GE - Here you're absolutely right, everything is metaphorically and mythologically due to emotions and to the sides show that a soul in its journey.

PR - Do you portray yourself in this magical painting where gods give life to our feelings and emotions?

GE - I'm just the Demiurgo of myself, like you or all of you, just shape the material that is hidden in us.

PR - Do you have a new work in mind for a near future?

GE - Just watch out of window for to create something ...

PR - Gerassimos thank you so much for your time in this little interview, I appreciate very much your availability and I hope to hear news from you soon. Do you want to say anything you like to end?

GE - I would like to thank you for the space given and continue on this road you are really professional. See you soon!

By Pedro Ribeiro

- Chapter I
1. Prologue
2. Eris

3. Styx
4. Thanatos
5. Moros
6. Nemesi
7. Lyssa
8. Letum
9. Erebo
- Chapter II
10. Nyx
11. Oizys
12. Emera
13. Geras
14. Lysimele
15. Ker
16. Apate
17. Etere

Review: Lord Agheros: The gods knelt before him with "Demiurgo"

Street Date: November 26th, 2012

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