Friday, November 30, 2012

STEEL ASSASSIN replaces October 31 at Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air

Cincinnati, Ohio.  Warriors of Metal, Inc. non-profit organization is very privilaged to announce that the long time Brockton, Massachusetts Heavy Metal band, STEEL ASSASSIN (currently signed to Germany's High Roller Records) will be replacing October 31 who will not be appearing at next year's Warriors of Metal Fest VI Open Air due to previously unforeseen other performance opportunities. 

Steel Assassin's Phil Grasso (bass) and Kevin Curran (guitar) jointly state: "Steel Assassin is honored to perform at the Warriors of Metal Fest VI Open Air in 2013.  Having released "Metal of Honor WWII" in 2012, it is important for us to bring our tribute to the Greatest Generation to American True Metal Fans.  Of the 418,500 U.S. military personnel killed in action in World War II,  16,828 hailed from the great state of Ohio.  Performing songs from Metal of Honor will be our tribute to them.  We are planning on performing songs from our War of the Eight Saints and In Hellfire Forged albums as well.  The festival promises to be a truly memorable and powerful event that we look forward to with great anticipation."

Festival organizer, Datis Alaee adds: "I'd like to thank Anthony Nichols of Meliah Rage for referring us to Steel Assassin whom the Metal fandom recognizes as one of the early Massachusetts Heavy Metal scene's flag bearers of Traditional & True Metal.  This late addition to our 2013 lineup brings the total number of bands to an unprecedented and record breaking 7 bands from 1 state who will join forces for the "Massachusetts Metal Invasion of Ohio" which is the theme for Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air to take place on June 28th & 29th at the Frontier Ranch in Pataskala, Ohio next year!"  Tickets for the 2013 festival are now on sale at the following link:
Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air

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