Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ALL ELSE FAILS Give Fans 'Ass Tat Day' Video After Fans Help Them Reach 10,000 Likes on Facebook

All Else Fails Ruins the Internet Episode 1 "The Ass-tat"
Edmonton's favourite mischievous metallers ALL ELSE FAILS gave fans a mission last month asking them to help AEF reach 10,000 likes on their Facebook fanpage and in return drummer Shane Tymwill get his ass tattooed. The call was answered and the mission was accomplished as fans rushed and shared AEF's fan page around the interweb like wild fire. Just a few days after reaching that 10,000 mark, Tymhad bassist Seedy Mitchell's face tattooed to his right cheek. These are true brothers in arms; check out the video below. (you will laugh and laugh hard!)

In additional news, AEF recently released their latest music video 'This Burden of Life' . The single is from their award nominated album "The Oracle: What Was, Is and Could Have Been" and was directed by AEF's vocalist / guitarist Barrett Klesko with his production company FadeBack Studio United. View it at these following links.

Socially conscious, lyrically poetic, rife with apocalyptic symbolism; All Else Fails is poised to take our world by storm. Playing an aggressively dark blend of Punk, Metal, and Rock, this well established Edmonton based band breaks the traditional ideals of their genre by producing music infused with experimental elements, incorporating Classical music, Electronica influenced synth lines, and spoken word sampling. This is metal for a new audience, one that’s ready for what’s beyond the ordinary.

Their inspired high-energy live show sets them apart from their peers, often drawing comparisons to The Holly Springs Disaster and Killswitch Engage.

The band’s unique sound has won them acclamation and fans from across Canada and around the globe. Using intricate guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics delivered with powerful vocals, they draw their listeners in, and then blast them with full frontal force!

The band has played with major touring acts such as Fear Factory, City of Fire, 3 Inches of Blood, Threat Signal, Decapitated, Suffocation, and Arise & Ruin, as well as earning a spot playing the Ernie Ball stage on the 2009 Vans Warped Tour that featured Bad Religion, Alexisonfire, NOFX, Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, and more.

On the local circuit via their indie label Suicidal Bride Records, All Else Fails frequently shares the stage with some of Canada’s top touring indie acts such as Ninjaspy, Endast, Quartered, Stella, Dead Jesus, Fattooth, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Submerge the Sky, Without Mercy, and more.

AEF have several tours under their belt including a 2009 Cross Canada tour, western Canada in June of 2010, and coast to coast Canadian tour again in September of 2010 which saw them placed on not just one showcase at Indie Week in Toronto, but so impressing organizers of the event that they received an invitation to play a second showcase that week.

2012 is a year full of promise for the band with an aggressive plan to increase touring, building on the wave of new fans that were created on previous tours, as well as new recordings and music videos. All Else Fails will be reaching beyond borders this year, ready to set the world in flames!

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