Tuesday, December 18, 2012

INFECTED FLESH Releases Concatenation of Severe Infections Today on Comatose Music

With the end of the world coming Friday, the good folks at Comatose Music are offering fans of brutal death metal one last battering ram to the ears before our impending descent into hell. 

Today (Tuesday, December 18th) Comatose Records will officially unleash Concatenation of Severe Infections, the third full-length from Catalonia's INFECTED FLESH. With the band's recent addition of Seth Van de Loo from Severe Torture / Centurian on drums, you can expect a vicious barrage of brutal death metal with grinding riffs, immense blasting, and haunting guttural vocals spewed forth with reckless abandon. There are several guest vocal performances and extremely disturbing artwork by Marco Hasmann to make this album one of the most sick and offensive releases of 2012! Recommended for fans of SEVERE TORTURE, DISAVOWED and SUFFOCATION. 

Guest vocalists on Concatenation of Severe Infections include Robbert K. (Disavowed), Dennis (Severe Torture), Joost (Cliteater), Roi (Haemophagia), Albert & Jofre (Pesta Porcina), Regius (Nemesis Aeterna). 

1. Gruesome Supply Chain of Nailed Human Pieces
2. The Bunch (Congregation of Deadly Parasites)
3. Concentric Circles of Disembowelment
4. Erase the Rictus
5. Lithographies of Recurrent Splatter
6. Phossilized Between the Walls of a Post-Industrial Ziggurat
7. Impudent Dissection of the Perfidious Idol
8. Fermentation of Prosthetic Remains
9. The Pragmatic Tearing
10. Inoculation
11. Aepoxifying Bacterial Capitals

Roger B.- Vocals, Guitars and Bass
Seth Van de Loo - Drums and Vocals

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