Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Destiny Project: "BABYLON" New Video Released

Electro Prog Ambient one man band created by producer, composer and musician Peter Paho "Another Destiny Project" released a new single  and videoclip for "BABYLON". The track recorded in New York in december 2012 is available for free download. Check it out below.

"Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the great. It has become a dwelling place of demons..."

Peter Paho commented:
"Dear listener. It's not easy create music in the modern times. Music industry is in crisis and for the artist is every day a battle to keep their passion and continue to create music. You can give me a big hand subscribing A.D.P. news letter, following A.D.P. on socials, streaming and sharing A.D.P. to your friends. In exchange of this I give all A.D.P. music for free. So please remember to support the A.D.P. just with few clicks you can do a big thing. Below you can find the links to do this and give me a big help to continue create music! 

Are you a musician, producer, singer, guitarist, drummer etc... and you want to collaborate with Another Destiny Project or create music together? Are you a photographer, a movie maker, a poet etc... And want to use Another Destiny Project music for your works? Well!! I'm always searching people to work together and create something new! Contact me HERE I'm sure will be a pleasure work together!"

“Without music, life would be a mistake”. 
Friedrich Nietzsche

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