Sunday, December 30, 2012

INFERIVM: “The End The Begin” will be released soon

Portuguese raw Black Metal act Inferivm started in 2002 when Blasphemy and Blackfuneral started playing metal just for fun, they beginning then a real band and begins the first trials, nothing too serious until one day, by casualty... in a conversation with Mortiferus, he joined the band and the true rehearsals begins. With the help of some friends they start  to rehearsal with INNER HELVETE, deciding then to play the first live gig together with INNER HELVETE and HELLBASTARDS, and Inferivm performed live a few times until 2008 while the first demo was released by Herege Warfare productions / Antihumanism records

Because an error in the layout only shows "Demo 2008", actually the real name is "Stormig Torment

Stormig Torment Track list
1. Intro
2. Storming the Heaven
3. Undying Evil
4. Burning the False Blood
5. Feeling the Torment
6. Cold’s Calling
7. Outro

Currently they are making the final preparation to the release of the new demo “The End The Begin” it will be released as soon as possible and more news are to come. More can be found here.

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