Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hypnotic Dirge Records releases awesome free compilation album "Solipsist Anthems"

Hypnotic Dirge Records has released a free digital compilation album comprising of 20 tracks from current and upcoming releases on the label, as well as some exclusive tracks to this compilation, and contributions from outside guest artists. In total, there is almost two and a half hours of music to digest fitting mostly within the genres of doom metal, black metal, and other related genres but also including some strange and interesting experimental stuff! In short, this free compilation should appeal to a lot of people interested in quality atmospheric music.

The main audio tracks of the compilation feature one track from each Hypnotic Dirge artist, as well as three tracks from Russian doom label Solitude Productions' amazing roster. Included in this are new songs from Odradek Room, Lycanthia, and Nethermost from their upcoming albums to be released through HDR in early 2013, an exclusive new track from Galaktik Cancer Squad, new material from Funeral Fornication, and Epitimia from upcoming albums, among others.

The bonus tracks are comprised of things such as a Subterranean Disposition cover of a netra track from the recent album Sørbyen, an acoustic doom track from Wikk, Infernal, a remixed stroszek track featuring additional keyboards, a post-rock song from members of Epitimia, as well as a couple of other guest contributions from A Dark Fantasy, and Melankolia.

In addition to this, each artist on this compilation has written a short note about their track on the album, and it also comes with full album artwork, additional visual shots, and videos which have been uploaded to youtube to coincide with the compilation release.

1 - Odradek Room - Faded Reality
2 - Lycanthia - The Essential Components of Misery
3 - Evadne - Dreams in Monochrome
4 - Ekove Efrits - A Celebration for Sorrow
5 - netra - wish she could vanish
6 - Epitimia - Post Scriptum
7 - Galaktik Cancer Squad - Psychedelic Warmachine
8 - Funeral Fornication - Sorrowspell
9 - Old Forgotten Lands - The Wine-Dark Sea
10 - Inborn Suffering - Another World
11 - Nethermost - Phasing Currents
12 - stroszek - Nighthawks and Underdogs
13 - Subterranean Disposition - Between Apes and Angels
14 - The Howling Void - The Womb Beyond the World

B1 - Alexander Machtakov/Alexander Kremnev - Lay a garland on my hearse
B2 - A Dark Fantasy - It's anxiety that inspired madness
B3 - Wikk, Infernal - Seasons Lament
B4 - Subterranean Disposition - a hug for a kill (netra cover)
B5 - stroszek - where it all went wrong
B6 - Melankolia - The Darkness, Ever Present

V1 - Lycanthia - The Essential Components of Misery (video preview)
V2 - Nethermost - Phasing Currents 
V3 - Subterranean Disposition - Prolong this Agony 
V4 - Old Forgotten Lands - Artifacts
V5 - Tethered to a Dying Animal - Car Crash

Compilation page (More info/download/stream)
Bandcamp link (download/stream)
Youtube Playlist (stream audio and video)

Elan O'Neal Photography
Hypnotic Dirge Photography - Set 1-4 (2012)
Joe Mlodik Photography

Hypnotic Dirge Records
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