Sunday, December 23, 2012


Self-styled True Norwegian Balkan Metallers TROLLFEST has invited all to hear and sing "CHRISTMAS SPIRIT WITH TROLLFEST", join to the true Norwegian Balkan Christmas Spirit, have fun!

The band commented:
"Let the Trollfestivities begin! The temporary return of our much, ahem, talked-about Christmas songs. And we want to hear you all sing along with us."

01. White Christmas
Psychotroll: Vocals, Synth, Piano
Manskow: Accordion, Choir
TrollBANK: Guitar, Choir
Mr. Seidel: Bass, Choir
02. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Manskow: Vocals
Psychotroll: Lead Guitar
Mr. Seidel: Rhythm Guitar
TrollBANK: Bass
03. Jingle Bells
TrollBANK: Vocals
Psychotroll: Guitar solo, Acoustic Guitar, Choir
Mr. Seidel: Lead Guitar, Choir
Manskow: Bass, Choir
04. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
Mr. Seidel: Vocals
Manskow: Lead Guitar, Choir
TrollBANK: Organ, Choir
Psychotroll: Bass, Choir
05. Frosty the Snowman
Psychotroll: Vocals
TrollBANK: Lead Guitar, Choir
Manskow: Rhythm Guitar, Choir
Mr. Seidel: Bass, Choir
06. Winter Wonderland
Manskow: Vocals
Mr. Seidel: Guitar, Choir
Psychotroll: Casio Keyboard, Choir
TrollBANK: Bass, Choir
07. Jingle Bell Rock
TrollBANK: Vocals
Mr. Seidel: Lead Guitar, Choir
Psychotroll: Rhythm Guitar, Choir
Manskow: Bass, Choir
08. Last Christmas
Mr. Seidel: Vocals
Manskow: Backing Vocals
TrollBANK: Synth
Psychotroll: Bass

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