Sunday, December 23, 2012

SAILLE: Performing Video "Tephra "

A video for Belgian melodic black metallers SAILLE peforming Tephra can be seen below. The track appears at the full-length of 2011 entitled "Irreversible Decay". The footage took place at Eindhoven Metal Meeting EMM (NL) 2012-12-15.

Ritu”, the new album will be released on January  18, 2013 via Code666 Records. The follow-up to 2011's "Irreversible Decay" was produced and mixed by Reinier Schenk (GORATH, FLESHMOULD) and mastered by Tom Kv√•lsvoll (1349, DIMMU BORGIR, KEEP OF KALESSIN). Cover art comes courtesy of Polish digital landscape artist Michal Karcz.

Commented SAILLE frontman Dennie Grondelaers:  “Haunter of the Dark is based on two Lovecraft-stories. The first one, ‘The Haunter of the Dark’, covers the larger part of the lyrics. The second, ‘The Case of Charles Dexter Ward’, is the story from which the unpronounceable intro and intermezzo originate. It’s about a man who, while exploring a long abandoned church, unknowingly summons an avatar of a malign god named Nyarlathotep. The following days describe his futile attempts to escape the horrible faith he called upon himself.”

A bit of the review by Pedro Ribeiro at
"That said the effort, and brilliance of Saille as well as the production of “Ritu” proved to be impeccable, almost flawless, which is a difficult accomplishment since their music contains so many sound layers. The final result is a creepy and gruesome atmosphere that will leave you with bristly hairs and that will make you enjoy every minute of this black symphony experience. I think that with a work of this caliber Saille opened a door that will allow them to reach further and give us more, much more…"

1 Blood Libel
2 Subcutaneous Terror
3 Fhtagn
4 Upon the Idol of Crona
5 Sati
6 A Titan's Sacrifice
7 Haunter of the Dark
8 Runaljod
9 Ritual Descent
Cover art comes courtesy of Polish digital landscape artist Michal Karcz.

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