Saturday, December 8, 2012

VON: Satanic Black Metal Legion To Perform First-Ever NYC Live Ritual Next Week

On these special days between the warmth of Thanksgiving and the joy of Christmas, let us pause and take a moment to remember the hate, violence, filth, corruption, and pure evil that surrounds us daily, and rejoice.
On December 11, Brooklyn, New York will see blood as legendary cult black metal legion, VON, makes their first-ever New York City appearance at Saint Vitus. Brought to you by The Blackened Music Series, VON will be joined by openers Magic Is K√ľntmaster and Anicon.

Said in a recap of the band’s live ritual in Los Angeles last month: “The main draw began after midnight as VON, adorned in blood, strode across the stage. The crowd went nuts as Venien, drummer Anthony Mainiero (of The Atlas Moth), and guitarists Xaphan (of Kult Ov Azazel), Lord Giblete, and Hammer Of Dread launched their assault. With a deeply powerful sound not captured on the original Satanic Blood demo, the droning quality of VON’s music leapt to the forefront as the set wore on.  Individual songs soon disappeared into a crescendo of droning cadence and chaos. VON simply did not let up without a discernible break as the set soon became one long song that lasted for well over an hour. The powerful, hypnotic quality of the music cannot be overstated, a quality that is apparent on the newly released re-recording Satanic Blood.”
VON: The Ritual of The Black Mass - Only NYC Area Appearance
12/11/2012 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY [TICKETS]

In 1987, the year of Tiffany, Rick Astley, and "Walk Like An Egyptian," a group of degenerate teenagers from San Francisco conjured a primitive, minimalist, trance-like buzz from their basements. VON's two recordings, Satanic Bloodand Blood Angel, were passed around the world as bootlegs, inspiring the Second Wave Norwegian sound that spawned thousands of bands over the last 25 years.

After more than 20 years, the long overdue official album has finally revealed itself via Von  RecordsVON creator, Jason “Venien” Ventura, entered the Von Records studio — “The Pit” — in Litchfield Park,  Arizona to record 19 classic tunes from the band’s early days. The end product, Satanic Blood, was produced by Venien, mixed by Andrew Ragin at Wall To Wall Recording Studios in Chicago, Illinois and mastered by John Gray at The Jungle Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Ordering info available HERE.

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