Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chaos Records To Release MORDBRAND's Necropsychotic LP

On February 11th, Chaos Records will release Necropsychotic, from Swedish old-school death masters MORDBRAND, on vinyl.  

Originally released in 2011 by Deathgasm Records, who is still offering CD copies of this devastating release, the Chaos Records vinyl edition will serve to satisfy the hunger of fans while the band prepares to unleash material later this year. 

Putrid and unsettling, death metal from Sweden. Featuring GOD MACABRE vocalist Per Boder,MORDBRAND Totally embodies the true spirit of the old days with unrelenting hymns to the rotten!

12" MLP Limited Edition to 500 copies in 180g heavy vinyl, 45rpm for a totally crushing and powerful sound, packed in high quality semi-gloss jacket with printed inner sleeve. 100 copies on white vinyl with exclusive embroidered logo patch 4.50" wide x 1.75" high and 400 classic black.

Pre-order the vinyl edition of Necropsychotic from Chaos Records at  this location. The CD version is available at

Hymns of the Rotten starts NOW!

Despite the fact that the swedish death metal unit MORDBRAND wrote & recorded murderous music back in 2006, the release of the split with EVOKE in 2010 marked the true beginnings for the band. Recruiting the GOD MACABRE vocalist P. Boder after the release of said split, and thus adding a more focused sound to the mayhem, turned MORDBRAND into a proper band. First result from this new found trio was the lengthy EP "Necropsychotic", released on CD by Deathgasm in mid 2010 and on vinyl by Chaos Records in 2013.

Mordbrand plays death metal inspired by the hunger of the olden days, but with a headstrong originality that is heavily influenced by various dark arts. Another split (10" w/ fellow deathsters BOMBS OF HADES, released by Bifrost Records/Carnal Records) and the two track monster entitled "Kolumbarium" (7" out on Deathgasm) concludes the discography for the band. Their industious work ethic promises an ever extending catalog and a new EP is in the pipeline, as well as a full-length in late 2013.  

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