Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Extreme Prog Metallers WALK AS CHAOS Unleash New Music Video 'Impasse'

 Walk As Chaos, the new extreme progressive metal collaboration from Alan Sacha Laskow (Divinity, Enditol) and Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster (Out of Your Mouth, Autobody) are proud to unleash their new music video in support of their first single 'Impasse'.

Directed by one of Alberta's leading independent music video directors, Doug Cook, the video incorporates various film making techniques like old school stop-motion photography, computer graphic elements mixed with live action along with fantastic set and costume design to bring 'Impasse' to the visual forefront.

"We are super excited about our new music video for "Impasse"Doug Cook (director) went the extra mile and we are proud to say we feel it sticks out as being modern & inventive - just like our music. When we started talking about how to bring the song into the visual realm, Doug decided the backdrop should be a futuristic world made up of lines that had a difficult time connecting with each other, like a maze. He also wanted to put Jerrod and I into situations that showcased our collaboration (singer/engineer) but also the frustration one can be faced with when being at a impasse, whether is be Man vs. Man, Man vs. Tech and Man vs. Nature etc." comments Laskow.

Below you will find the video link along with photo stills.

Two musical comrades from the northern wasteland collaborate to create a unique hybrid between true Progressive and Extreme Metal leanings. All instrumentation is programmed and played by MIDI except the guitar and vocals. Think Cynic and Animals as Leaders meeting Meshuggah and Decapitated and you're getting there.

A continuation of ENDITOL with a fresh start and new name, WAC is essentially a playground for their minds to unleash whatever they feel like and put down to 'tape', just pure expression and an honest attempt to communicate. 

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