Friday, January 25, 2013

Moonspell`s EUROPA NOIR Tour: Final Dates and Special Guest announced

MOONSPELL and Rock the Nation are proud to announce the band’s first headliner tour in Europe, upon the request of many fans for longer sets, more stage time, more MOONSPELL. The band took the option of presenting itself on selected festivals this year and give priority to club shows, after all the right atmosphere to watch a MOONSPELL show. This return to clubs brings along Finnish melodic Death masters INSOMNIUM which are now confirmed as special guests.

Tickets are already on sale, online and at the venues and MOONSPELL counts on their fan support to make this new adventure a story of success, passion and the opportunity to play in their rightful, darkly energized atmosphere. So get your tickets and come celebrate with the band twenty years of Spell!!!

MOONSPELL will play no less than a 90 minutes set, comprised of Alpha Noir/Omega White songs as well as plenty of travels to the illustrious, past repertoire of albums such as Wolfheart, Irreligious, Sin, The Butterfly Effect, The Antidote and so on.

Napalm Records has also released a limited tour double-LP edition of Alpha/Omega on black and white vynil, available on the band’s official webstore. 

For more info please access to:

Merchandise (new shirts, new Antidote edition, new Alpha/Omega double LP, new photobiography book) available here.

US Tour Coming Up With MARDUK. Get your tickets, listen to the voices from the dark.

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