Thursday, February 7, 2013

DYNAHEAD reveals name, art cover and tracklist of its new album

Brazilian band DYNAHEAD have revealed the art cover of its third album "Chordata I", designed by Chris Panatier "the genius behind this marvelous piece".
The album is "Chordata I" is the first of a two-part conceptual piece based on biological evolution. Two songs will become available in the next few weeks.
"Chordata I" and all its predecessors "YOUniverse" (2011) and "Antigen" (2009) have been recorded, mixed and mastered by Caio Duarte at his BroadBand Studio in Brazil.

The Brazilian digipak version will be released on MSMetal Records/Voice Music, and the digital version will be out in February 14th via Digmetalworld Records in US, licensing to other territories are currently being discussed.

Singer/Producer Caio Duarte commented:
"Dynahead is known for producing all of its own material, the band stays proudly away from commercial pressures or passing trends by valuing aesthetically richness and musical dynamics, the band collected an outstanding reputation with critics, rare even among signed bands." "Chordata I is part of two albums and both parts are scheduled, the first one on March 11th, 2013, and "Chordata II" in 2014."

The tracklist of the album "Chordata I" is the following:

1. Abiogenesis
2. Bred Patterns
3. Collective Skin
4. Dawn Mirrored in Me
5. Echoes of the Waves
6. Foster
7. Growing in Veins
8. Hallowed Engine
9. Inevitable

Dynahead is:
Caio Duarte - Vocals
Diogo Mafra - Guitars
Pablo Vilela - Guitars
Diego Teixeira - Bass

You can stream "Youniverse" entirely at this location and "Antigen" can be downloaded for free at this location, For more information please visit its Facebook page.

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