Friday, March 22, 2013

ALT Episode 3: still Damaged Rock

As previously announced, after two debut EPs released on 2012, the ALT power-trio born in 2011 has just released another brand new mini-album called "I'm a model", (the #3 of a four-EP series), still on digipack through the Damaged Rock Shop. The final part of the ALT EP collection will be unleashed later this year.

Single extracted from the EP, "Maze" is avaible right now for streaming.

"The tone is set, the motto, definitive. Because if you want a thing done well, do it yourself : french power-rock act ALT considers that if their music has to be labeled, better do it with a category they would create themselves. Damaged Rock then, somewhere between high-energy rock, indie alternative from the 90's and catchy stoner-pop.

Damaged as the reflection in a broken mirror from those past and present styles, periods and places that ALT claims as its essence... turning  it into a nervous and finely wrought muscular fundamental element…"

In other news, the band has also released an official music video for the song "This aint' not hit".

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