Friday, March 22, 2013

Portland's GAYTHEIST share new album details! Release digital single for "MANhattan"!

Good to Die Records are thrilled beyond all measure to announce the release of Hold Me...But Not So Tight the new album by power (bottom?) trio Gaytheist. Set for a worldwide release on May 21st - on vinyl, of course - the new full-length finds the three-piece staying the course with an abundance of punchy riffage, huge drums, and Jason Rivera's arch, limp-wristed take on life and love.

Gaytheist recorded Hold Me... in a whirlwind session earlier this year at Interlace Audio with Stealth Beats producer Stephan Hawkes. Don't let the brevity of their efforts give the impression that the album will sound rushed
and half-assed. Rather, it's a testament to the tight musicianship between front man and guitarist Jason Rivera and his crack rhythm section Nickolis Parks (drums) and Tim Hoff (bass). Gaytheist is as lean and mean as ever on these 12 songs.

1. Starring in "The Idiot"
2. The Restoration
3. Stomach Pains
4. 60 Easy Payments
5. Dopple & The Gang
6. Poocano
7. Spread 'em
8.  Elderly Assassin
9. MANhattan
10. Contest of Competence
11. Wisdom of the Asshole
12. Into the Trap

Upcoming Shows:
Mar 24th: w/ Federation X, Rabbits, Nasalrod @ Ash Street, PDX
April 5th: w/ Drunk Dad, Hidden Towers (BC), Crag Dweller @ East End, PDX
April 13th: 'Mo Wave Queer Music Festival w/ Team Dresch & more @ Chop Suey, Seattle
May 22nd: Record Release Show w/ Red Fang @ White Owl Social Club, PDX

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