Sunday, March 17, 2013

BLACK DRAUGWATH 'The true Bottomless Armageddon' CD

In 1997, a now ancient Russian band called Black Draugwath recorded an album called "Bottomless Armageddon". The release of the album was delayed and pushed backwards for years and years. In the mean time, the band changed the name to Blackdeath and recorded and released the "Saturn sector" and "Fucking fullmoon foundation" albums. In 2004, after some re-workings and re-recorded vocals, the album was finally released on CD and LP. It's long sold out by now and actually one of the hardest to find albums in the whole Blackdeath discography, as well as probably their harshest. This unreleased, first rough version of the album, with the original vocals takes never saw the black of night until the paths of Blackdeath and HHR crossed 16 years after those original recordings. We now present "The true Bottomless Armageddon" under Black Draugwath monniker.

CD comes with big fold out sleeve with all lyrics (never published before), long two page story explaining the history of the album, photos, etc. Limited to 500 copies. Heidens Hart 2013

BLACKDEATH 'Saturn sector' tape
Alternate version of the album that was never released, now put on tape, unmastered rough mix of the album. Comes on pro tapes.

1. Baphomet 
2. Under the Spell of Black Moors 
3. The Falling of Gold Jerusalem 
4. Dominus' Dusk Hammer 
5. The Black Snow / Dance of the Red Donkey 
6. Seven Towers of Satan 
7. Apocalyptic Dream

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