Friday, March 22, 2013

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE - Behold Almighty Doctrine Out Now; Full Album Stream Online

Behold Almighty Doctrine, the face-melting third full-length from USDM powerhouse LECHEROUS NOCTURNE, is out now on Unique Leader Records.

The five years that have passed since The Age of Miracles has seen the South Carolina brutalists grow into a more technical, calculating and destructive force. Behold Almighty Doctrine is pure death metal dominance. Allow the album to rattle your skull with this exclusive stream from the folks at Zero Tolerance Magazine. Listen at this location.

The long awaited follow up to 2008's The Age of Miracles has Passed raises the band's already considerable game yet again. The band's technically accomplished musicianship and skillfully concise songwriting fuse without seam to make what will surely be considered one of the year's most lethal displays of U.S. Death Metal firepower. Ethan Lane and founding member Kreishloff are responsible for six-string sorcery; James O'Neal (Apotheosys, Atrocious Abnormality) and Alex Lancia (Annthennath) low-end tremors and rhythmic battery, respectively; and Chris Lollis (ex-Nile) hell-spawned roars of the possessed. The short of it? Bones will crack and blood will flow.

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