Thursday, March 28, 2013

NORSE - Started working on a new EP

After their highly recommended current album "All is Mist and Fog" will finally be released in early May in Europe, too, NORSE are about to start the work on an upcoming EP. Guitarist/singer Treelo comments on the current working stage as follows:

"We have a few songs written at the moment. They are still in the 'demo phase'. This means that while I have written and recorded the guitar and piano sections, they are still in the early stages and thus, subject to change. At the moment the process is that I will arrange some music, then Frog will meet up with me once a week to have his say. This means he might want me to alter certain melodies or re-arrange sections of a piece. 

At this stage, we can say that the music is coming along to be our most expressive and melodically intense music yet. Lyrical ideas have started to develop, although no artwork, EP titles, or song titles have been confirmed yet."

There is nothing more at the moment. Enjoy "All is Mist and Fog" and keep up to date.

You will find more information about NORSE right here: NORSE FACEBOOK

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