Thursday, March 28, 2013

THE RETICENT Mastermind Starts Black Metal Project

Chris Hathcock of THE RETICENT has returned to the realm of extreme music in the form of black metal project, ZEROMUS. In the vein of bands such as Gorgoroth and Dark Funeral, ZEROMUS is a straight forward and grim expression of aggression.

"I just needed to do something different. The Reticent offers me a lot of emotional release but sometimes you need to just be outright hostile. Rather than sing you just want to scream with as much hatred as you can muster. I love bands like Gorgoroth for their intensity, aggression, and disregard. This is just my diversion to create and release that hostility and have some fun."

Hathcock said he plans to release an album with ZEROMUS. An EP titled The Four Fiends is in the works but release may be delayed due to his work with THE RETICENT. Two demo tracks have been posted on Reverbnation of the band and can be found at

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