Saturday, March 2, 2013

Power Theory Studio Report with Video Update

Pure Steel Records artist, Power Theory, have released the following information and a brief video regarding their forthcoming 3rd CD release that’s planned for a 4th Quarter 2013 release. Founder Bob “BB” Ballinger has announced the CD will be titled “Driven by Fear” and the band is recording at a new studio with Matt DiFabio (Single Bullet Theory, Hard Attack Entertainment) as Engineer and Associate Producer and Peter Baltes (Accept) overseeing the project as Executive Producer. Matt’s home studio is a guitar sound mecca with an endless choice of amp heads.

The new cover art work has been completed by Timo Wuerz ( from Germany who has worked with Halloween and Steel Assassin.

“We are 5 songs in with guitars and Matt has helped us create some amazing guitar tones, as we are pushing for this album to be much heavier sounding without losing our traditional metal sound and dynamics. That’s where Peter’s experience and excellence will be present by making sure we maintain the integrity of our style and stay true to the metal.”

Ballinger also noted that the band welcomes Drew Foster as their new bassist. Drew has been involved with Power Theory for 4 years now with photography, video, web design, and cd layouts, and has been along for every step of the way so far. Drew is a rock solid bassist.

Look forward to more video updates to come soon.

In related news POWER THEORY has confirmed their return to Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air to take place at the Frontier Ranch in Pataskala, Ohio on June 28 & 29, 2013. 

Warriors Of Metal Fest VI Open Air
1. Edge of Knives
2. Deceiver
3. Puresteel
4. An Axe to Grind 
5. A Fist in the Face of God 
6. The Seer
7. On the Inside
8. Colossus
9. The Hammer Strikes (Mjolinir's Song) 

To keep up to date with this explosive band and their schedule please check out their website 
Power Theorys album AN AXE TO GRIND could be purchased directly from their label PURE STEEL RECORDS!

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