Friday, March 22, 2013

Prog Rockers FEN Announce FREE T-Shirt Give Away! Time To Make Room For New Merch!

Vancouver progressive rockers FEN have announced they will be giving away FREE band T-shirts to make room for new merchandise as they encourage their fans to share their tunes and increase their social media presence.

The band has commented the following:
"Dear Grumps,
We're clearing out our merch closet and using it as a shameless excuse to pull a few more listeners out of the woodwork. We'll give away 10 T-shirts if we reach 1000 likes on our facebook page: After that, we'll give away 5 shirts for every additional 500 likes until supplies are gone. The selection will be made on April 12th.

And how will we make the crucial decision of who gets the shirts?

We're still sorting that part out. We're considering a kind of ritualistic monkey dance that will involve the four of us uprooting house plants then hurling our feces at the computer monitor. Whichever names get covered up on our facebook page, we'll contact those people and mail the shirts to their homes.
Shamlessly yours, 
Doug, Jeff, Sam & Nando"

In additional news, Fen recently released their latest music video 'A Long Line Final' from their fifth and latest album 'Of Losing Interest' released last summer via indie label Ripple Music to follow up their fourth release 'Trails Out Of Gloom'.

Track Listing: Of Losing Interest
1. Riddled 03:55
2. Of Losing Interest 04:59
3. Nice For Three Days 04:04
4. A Long Line 04:43
5. The Glove 03:23
6. Drunken Relief 04:26
7. Light Up The End 03:34
8. Pilot Plant 06:03
9. Snake Path 03:17
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