Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reign of Vengeance "The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion" Released

Arizona truth-seekers/death metallers, REIGN OF VENGEANCE, in cooperation with Synister Empire Records, have made their newest EP, The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion,available through all major digital music retailers.

Crafted in the band's new-school, horror-oriented, death metal format, the EP features musicians of the already proven and established top tier and Brutal Elite.

The release date of 3/19/13 is no random event as the band chose today to unleash the EP for specific reasons, which are briefly outlined below.

3 - The symbolic represented number for Deity.

1 + 9 = 10 - Completion.

13 - The Bloodlines.

The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion can be purchased directly through

Unlike Disemboweling Swine, REIGN OF VENGEANCE's previous release, The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion is a concept EP. Since the release of the last album, front man Marshall "fucking" Beck has plunged himself into the systems and studies of the "Illumed."  He has grown to know their aims, their religion, and the goals of its sects.  He has been enlightened, having accepted and having realized that the All Seeing Eye controls this realm.  He has come to understand that with its guidance and assistance the rewards for those that abide by its will are Many. With the age of Osiris and Isis ended, the New World Age (Order) of Horus shall bring forth a world of peace that shall last throughout the remaining Aeons of time.  The second form of Atlantis shall rise forth and bring with it ONLY the enlightened and illuminated individuals.

However, with every revolution there is always ascension. Therefore, in order for ITS quest for world peace to be completed there must first be a massive internment and conflagration/decontamination of the flesh from those that refuse ITS Faith. REIGN OF VENGEANCE's The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion focuses on the cause and unraveling of this conflict.  The EP's storyline moves from start to finish.  Each song offers up a different piece and perspective of the portrayed conflict as it is witnessed through the eyes of the common tiers, the Occult Elite/Fraternal Orders, and The Master.  ▲ But, do not worry common civilians; this EP is all just a work of fiction.... Sleep well.

A video preview of The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion can be seen below.

1. Fuck The Recession ; Kill Those That Caused It
2. Amassing Towards Truth
3. The Master's Summons
4. The Grande Hecatomb
5. The Final Rebellion
{6. The New Era (Aeon)}* Elitist Package Only 

"Elitist Packages" (pictured below) can be purchased by contacting the band and its members directly.  Only 13 will ever be issued in order to commemorate the original bloodlines. This package includes a 6th  song, "The New Era (Aeon)."  This  song offers down an entirely different conclusion to the publicly released version. 

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