Thursday, March 21, 2013

SEPTEKH "Apollonian Eyes" CD EP release date announced

SEPTEKH, Sweden's Dirty Thashy Death Metal band, will release their new CD EP, "Apollonian Eyes", on Abyss Records April 1st, 2013. The new EP includes 4 new raging tracks of Dirty Thrashing Death Metal insanity and is the second EP from SEPTEKH. "Apollonian Eyes" is said to bridge the gap between their debut EP and their as-of-yet untitled full length album, which is currently in production. An Exclusive Stream of the track "Cursing the Skies" is available at this location.

 "Apollonian Eyes" is available for Pre-Order now on the Abyss Records webstore.

  "The Seth Avalanche", SEPTEKH's debut EP, was re-released in 2012 on Abyss Records.

 1. Apollonian Eyes
2. Burn it to the Ground
3. Cursing the Skies
4. Vlad Tepes

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Septekh is a death/thash metal band from Stockholm/Mörkö, Sweden. The quartet was formed in late autumn 2008 and has since then been recording, playing shows and dwelling in their refuge in the rural heart of the dark island. There they have honed an exquisite brand of groovy riffing and grand proclamations.
The band is inspired by things such as the musical elegant wave of devastation from the neighbouring country in the west, the older wave from the British isle as well as Motörhead, Black Sabbath and other forebears of true rock n roll.
2012 saw the release of the six track EP "The Seth Avalanche"  and Septekh has again signed with Abyss Records for the current EP "Apollonian Eyes".
More is to come when the smoke clears . The flame is strong. The Plan remains alive.

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