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VULCANO`s "The Man, The Key, The Beast" Reviewed! Schedule of the Thunder Metal Tour

VULCANO at Zoombie Ritual Metal Festival 2012
This fine evening I'm treated to the new Vulcano album The Man, The Key, The Beast. And I must say it is a nice way to spend an evening. For those of you unfamiliar with Vulcano and their music, Vulcano hails from Brazil and have been playing the devils music for a long time. If I got my facts straight, Vulcano have been at it since the early eighties, and were one of the first south american band to play extreme metal and the first Brazilian band to do so.

The music that is served on the new album is high octane thrash metal with some old school death metal hints here and there, and sort of a punkish attitude at times.  For example the track You Have Been Warned starts out sounding more death metal then thrash but then changes into a thrash beast. Besides the music the vocals changes a lot during that song, growing from lower death metal grunts to classic thrash screaming.
The music is generally based more in strong songwriting then über technicality, but for sure these guys got the chops just listen to song nr 5 Blood and Champagne. This little number has some tricky stuff, and here the drummer also gets to show what he is capable of doing, and by the way this song is catchy as f**k. So let's keep talking about the drums, they have a very nice sound to them and they sound natural. Drummer Arthur "Von Barbarian", sure gets a work out on this album since there are a lot of fast punk/thrash beats ( I really should look up what these kinds of beats are called in English), but he is no one trick pony, he gives us many other grooves as well.

I touched the vocals a bit before and I will continue with that right now. The vocals are mainly classic thrash screaming, but more of the German school, so it is a bit more sinister, in my opinion it sounds similar to Mr. Scummier from Destruction and Mr. Angelripper from Sodom . But Mr. Luiz Carlos Louzada is no copy cat, he has his own style, and as I wrote before the vocals changes between thrash style and death metal style now and then. So it never becomes monotonous.

We are given some interesting twists here and there, the ending of the second song No Mercy For Fucking Traitors is a cool little thing, the music continuously  slows down until it just stops. And the title track is a instrumental song with some odd disharmonic stuff going on at the end, I like. It is always nice when bands changes up the music and gets a bit freaky!

The overall sound is a perfect fit for the music, everything sounds natural and clear. You can hear every instrument clearly, the bass is rumbling along and gives a nice low end, the drums are loud and powerful and the guitars have a great heavy tone, what more can we ask for?   

So yeah, if you like thrash with groove and killer vocals check out The Man, The Key, The Beast!

Sweden`s Wilhelm Lindh*, "Portuguese by adoption," guitar player,  composer and owner of the Doom / Death Metal band The Gardnerz, reviews here in Careful and professional analysis to the music and albums with suggestions of what there is to see and hear ... not to be missed. "The wisdom is found in the extremes, all extreme Metal here!".

The Man, The Key, The Beast
O1 Aninhilate all of them
02 No mercy for fucking traitors
03 Church at a crossroad
04 You have been warned
05 Blood & Champagne
06 The Man The Key The Beast
07 Dead Water
08 The Wizard
09 The Devil Escaped from the earth
10 Compulsive gambler
11 In the silence of the grave

This video was produced, recorded and edited by Antonio Celso Barbieri using a camera and editing system of the best quality. The sound received special treatment and was, to insure best quality, fully remastered. To the extent possible, the camera shots were made from the point of view of a rocker looking through all the excitement of those who attended this super underground club. No part of the show was cut and the order the songs that were played was kept, thus the dynamics of the show. This way, you can feel the frenzy, that was this unforgettable event. Barbieri admits he was thrilled with this fantastic experience. Have a good show! Long live Vulcano!! This text  in Portuguese and video is Courtesy of Antonio Celso Barbieri.

Below is the schedule of the Thunder Metal Tour:
03.05.2013 Leeuwarden (Romain)/Holland
04.05.2013 Paris (Glazart)/France
05.05.2013 Oostrozebecke (Jh 't Ipperste')/Belgium
06.05.2013 Hamburg (Marx)/Germany
07.05.2013 Malmö (KB - KULTURBOLAGET)/Sweden
08.05.2013 Oslo (Betong)/Norway
09.05.2013 Stockholm (Kolingsborg)/Sweden
10.05.2013 Göteborg (Trädgår’n)/Sweden
11.05.2013 Fredericia (UngdommensHus)/Denmark
12.05.2013 Oberhausen (Schacht1)/Germany
13.05.2013 Kassel (K19)/Germany
14.05.2013 tba (tba)/France
15.05.2013 Zürich (Alte Kaserne)/Switzerland
16.05.2013 Pragh (HooDoo club)/Cz Rep
17.05.2013 Göllnitz (Deathkult OA)/Germany
18.05.2013 Berlin (K17)/Germany

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