Sunday, March 17, 2013

THE SUN EXPLODES Unleashes New Video "SevenThreeOne"

I want to present you the newest release of The Sun Explodes. They are a heavy rock/metal band from Carlisle, UK and have released their first single called SevenThreeOne from the upcoming second album “We Build Mountains”. This is that type of metal that is easily enjoyable, not only for the metalhead but also for any heavy music appreciator. The keywords for this work are around these ones: melodic, catchy, progressive and strong. The video was shot on a demolition site in Manchester with VideoInk and includes apocalyptic weather changes and shots against a massive fire.

I really like the ambiance of the video and it fits the music in an extraordinary way. When the music begins the rain washes the violence of the notes played, when the melody changes to a soft rock and calm soundscape the sun rises to illuminate the surroundings and fill the music with the proper beauty and in the end there´s a doom felling into it with fire and slow riffs in the mixture. The video has already reached 1608 views in only three days and this says a lot about this band and this great work.

The band adds:
"Right folks, competetion time. We would like you very much to share our new music video 'SevenThreeOne' with all your friends, but we don't expect you to do it for nothing. We want to hammer it this weekend! If you share the video and tag The Sun Explodes in the status with something funny/inspirational/naughty! we will decide which one we like the most and Dave will record a song JUST FOR YOU, an original tune that he will compose and play on guitar that is your song that is written just for you about any subject you choose! If this sounds like fun then please GET SHARING!!!!"

Booking agent:

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