Sunday, April 28, 2013

BA13: Rough Girl now available on Manic Depression

Coming from the surburbs of Paris, BA13 basically started as a fake band, in witch no one would play his natural instrument, just a way for five friends to share their large common interest in music...but the project quickly turns into a real space of expression as soon as the first songs were written:

"Control" immediately embodies BA13 identity, a tensed music which claims legacy of the post-punk roots!

All that remained then was to find the proper voice, so Nash, ex-Wallenberg drummer, was invited to swap her drumsticks for a microphone and joined BA13 as a singer...Her nervous sing-speak vocals provides the final touch to finalize the band’s songs.

From then with a complete line up, BA 13 took any occasion to play their frenetic and punchy gigs all over France and around.

With their debut album "Rough Girl" to be out on Manic Depression in April 2013, BA13 asserts its own style through 12 raw-nervous post punk songs!

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