Sunday, April 28, 2013

CONCEIVED BY HATE: "Pestilence Reborn"

CONCEIVED BY HATE is a Death/Thrash Metal act coming right from the catacombs of El Salvador in Central America formed back in 2002. After releasing a demo in ‘05 and a mini CD in ‘09, the band started to work on their debut full lgenth album which was finally released in 2012. Under the title of "Pestilence Reborn" (9 tracks - Morbid Skull Rec.), this album including some vocal parts sung in their ancient native tongue Nahuatl. Any lovers of bands like THE CROWN, AT THE GATES, KREATOR, DARK TRANQUILLITY, DEATH, DEFLESHED... watch out for this promising band!!

1. Pestilence Reborn
2. Vengeance is the Law
3. Lost in the Gardens of Hate
4. That the Silence Wakes Them Up
5. At the Gates of Nowhere  (mp3)
6. In a Conscious Trauma
7. Intransitive Dimensions
8. As the Fire Blessed my Pain
9. Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom

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