Friday, April 12, 2013

BOVINE's The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire Out Now on FDA Rekotz

The stampede has begun! Birmingham-based sludge-soaked ghetto rockers BOVINE have released their critically-acclaimed debut album, The Sun Never Sets On The British Empiretoday on FDA Rekotz.

The album is now available as a CD or digital download at, with vinyl treatment coming on April 26th. The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire is one of the most praised debuts of 2013 with critics across the globe applauding the band's ability to infuse stoner, sludge, prog and heavy rock in a unique, yet infectious way. Visit to order.


May 9th - London, UK @ The Old Blue Last
May 17th - Birmingham, UK @ The Old Flapper
June 12th - Cheltenham, UK @ 2000 Trees Festival

A fire-branded mix of KYUSS, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, early SOUNDGARDEN and BARONESS, BOVINE's bottom-heavy and primal assault will surely leave many a listener convulsing on the floor. The UK band's tuneful and, at times, space-proggish, approach to songwriting will make the experience as enjoyable as it is bone-rattling.

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