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Cardinals Folly`s Strange Conflicts of the Past Reviewed

They began as "The Coven" from 2004 to 2007, the Cardinals Folly come from Finland and present us their latest work aptly titled "Strange Conflicts of the Past", since this is a fine package of all of their early works and arguably their very best material. The tracks 1-3 are from the "Heretic´s Hangover" EP, which was released in early 2008 as the first release under the name of Cardinals Folly. This release was just a few hundred copies and was sold out pretty fast. They left out the last track of this EP, "Uncharted Seas" because it was already on the debut album. They wanted to give some unreleased stuff instead. Tracks 5-8 are from the "Orthodox Faces" EP (2009), which also sold out quickly and received a notable welcoming in the doom circle. Tracks 4-9 and 10 are unreleased tracks from the same era of these two EP´s, also recorded in 2008-2009. Track 4 was featured on The Coven´s 2006 demo-EP "Beltane", but this version of the song is much better, as it´s recorded in 2008 with the Cardinals Folly line-up.

 I will not talk track-by-track, my approach will be short, generic and `course libertine.
To this day and to be honest I didn`t knew the band, when I received the promo for the review I wasn´t expecting the surprise and my questions were: What the Fuck is this? Who the fuck are they? Ian Curtis lives? Joy Division is active? Purists may disagree… of course other influences could be attributed to Cardinals Folly like Type O- Negative and Woods of Ypres but I’m going to follow my own line here.
For a Joy Division worshiper like me this is a great compliment and this likeness cannot be pure coincidence, the Cardinals Folly treads the paths traced by The weird tales of Howard, Wheatley and Lovecraft and their melancholic sound and depressive melodies are the real mirror thereof.

M. Karnstein  Bass, Vocals 
Sebbath Lindberg  Drums
Juho Kilpelä  Guitars
If you're looking for angst, this is the right place, here you can find a magnificent work as a picture painted in black with splashes of blood, where it dominates one profoundly painful dejection, cessation of interest in the outside world, loss of capacity to love, inhibition of all activity, and a decrease in feelings of self-esteem as to find expression in self-reproach culminating in a delusional expectation of punishment. This picture becomes a little more understandable when we consider that, the same traits are found in mourning.

My libidinous relationship with "Strange Conflicts of the Past" has born with the intro; the cue is given in the following words: "Time is now... Heed the call... To enter Cardinals folly... One must be out of his mind..." and I apologize to the band but the orgasm happens before the end, with "The Model", wow, awesome, this original track from Kraftwerk (another of my bands of choice and that saw me grow ...) and that also inspired the band Joy Division, with the death of Ian Curtis and their transformation into New Order, more than ever, that such inspiration was audible and ... visible. We can say at last but not least "Transmission From the Mad Arab" is the music of choice of the recovery room with a cigarette.

For those who are confident of incertitude and the finitude of the things, for those who pursue the melancholic path of the ephemeral time ... Overall this is a perfect album for worshipers of melancholy and depressive Doom Metal.

A one defunct refuses nothing, when I die Cardinals Folly will play and the burial melody filling the air will be “The Model” again and again and again….

1. Intro
2. The Right Hand of Doom
3. Rasputin (The Mad Monk)
4. Serpent Nights
5. Opening Ceremony
6. Blood Axis Raider
7. Cardinals Folly
8. They Found Atlantis
9. The Model
10. Transmission From the Mad Arab

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