Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FEJD: New Video Released Den Skimrande"

Sweden´s FEJD has posted a new video for the song "Den Skimrande" taken from the band`s upcoming full-length entitled "Nagelfar" which will be released on May 29th, 2013 through Napalm Records.

The video "Den Skimrande" was produced, written and directed by Mathias "Matte" Hjelm. Produced in collaboration with Napalm Records, Daniel Ström and Fejd,and was shot in the outskirts of Trollhättan, Sweden and in the smithy at Innovatum Trollhättan, Sweden.  Check it out below.

"Nagelfar" track list
1. Ulvsgäld
2. Sigurd Ring
3. Nagelfar
4. Dis
5. Den skimrande
6. Jordens smycke
7. Fjärrskådaren 
8. Vindarnas famn
9. Häxfärd
10. Ulvsgäld (Bonus Track Rehearsal)

Fejd formed in 2001 through a fusion of the folk music duo Rimmerfors and a couple of members from the metal band Pathos. Fejd is Swedish for "feud".

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