Thursday, April 25, 2013

JUST BEFORE DAWN: "Precis Innan Gryningen" Release Date; Streaming "As Death Breaks the Surface"

Forged in the land of Frozen Gods, the Swedish death metal steamroller machine baptized JUST BEFORE DAWN unleashes unto the feeble earth their debut album, in eight songs of war, chaos and despair, in a massive mid-paced guitar orientated death metal...for this opus in a never-before-seen war tactic, 7 guest vocalist where recruited with machinegun at hand, to conjure the vision of a tank rolling over skulls...besides some other noteworthy invited executioners for this evil feast of death... including mighty Rick Rozz (MASSACRE, DEATH) of early BOLT THROWER, MASSACRE, and ASPHYX are summoned to carry on this in their ammunition backpack...

The artwork for Precis Innan Gryningen was created by the swedish artist Daniel Devilish(ENTRAILS, SORCERY, BLOOD MORTIZED). The album was mixed and mastered at Sufficiently Studios by Benny Moberg (MALFEITOR).

CD version available May 13th 2013...JUST BEFORE DAWN...remember the date... and start trembling in fear...

Precis Innan Gryningen is now available for pre-order in this location

1.Precis innan gryningen /Rogga Johanssson
2.As death breaks the surface /Ralf Hauber
3.Under wheels of death /Jonas Lindblood
4.Pulverised /Gustav Myrin
5.Ten megaton war machine /Mr.Hitchcock
6.Raped soil /Jonas Lindblood
7.Slagfält efter slagfält /Dennis Johansson
8.The World Burning /Biazzi/R.Johansson/Freed

JUST BEFORE DAWN`s "Precis Innan Gryningen" Reviewed - Track Premiere: The World Burning HERE.

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