Thursday, May 30, 2013

DuskMachine streams "I Feel No Pain"

After founding DuskMachine in summer 2004, original members Nikolai Wurk (guitar), Randy Black (drums), Peter Habura (bass) and Hagen Hirschmann (vocals) didn't waste time and put together song-material and the concept-idea for their first album. It was clear at once that the new compositions would be very rhythmical, modern and deep in content. In the style of works by E.T.A. Hoffmann (a German writer in 19th century), an emotional concept story, which depicts the life of the main character from birth to death, was created. Finally, it is brought to life by the atmospheric and pounding compositions of the band.

Then it happened that Peter Habura decided to leave the band due to his increasing workload at his job. A new band member could be found in Russ Bergquist, long-time bass-player of the canadian Thrash-Metal legend "Annihilator".

In September 2006, founding-member and singer Hagen Hirschmann left the band due to personal reasons. Almost a year later, Mirko "The Preacher" Prietzsch (ex-Respawn, Mr. Mo) completed the line-up and became the new frontman for the DuskMachine but left in early 2010 before the completion of the bands second album. What would have been a setback for most bands appeared to be, well….let’s call it destiny. Joe Comeau, long-time guitar player for „Overkill“ and singer for various bands including „Annihilator“ agreed immediately to take over vocal-duties. With this line-up, the band is stronger than ever and ready to prove it.

So, the band prepared to play live-shows to promote their new self-titled album "DuskMachine". Check it out the track "I Feel No Pain", enjoy!

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