Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ESHTADUR 2nd full length album "Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me" details revealed

This June Colombian Black Metal / Experimental band ESHTADUR will release their sophmore album entitled "Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me" on Gate of Horror Productions. Formed in 2005 in hopes of creating a black melodic metal creation with dark melodies, tense environments, harmonic scales, rough guitars, but also with sticky phrases and high & deep voices. ESHTADUR released their first full length album "Dominated by Dummies" in 2011, since then they have shared the stage with such acts as Vader and most recently Cradle of Filth; and now they have returned once again with their 2nd full length album.

Keep in contact with ESHTADUR through their official facebook page here.

An Official Video Clip for the title track "Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Mecan be seen below.

1. Beyond the Shadows
2. Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me
3. Another Alien Messiah
4. Abigor
5. Nightmare in a Church
6. Son of a Witch
7. Take Me to the Morgue
8. The Girl Who Hated a Priest
9. Mas Alla de las Sombras
(Spanish Version of "Beyond the Shadows")

George Lopez - Vocals, Keys & Drum Work
Sebastian Supa - Guitars
Wilmer Herrera - Guitars
Andres Betancur - Bass

Since 2005 making and working about black melodic metal creations, dark melodies, tense environments, with harmonic scales, rough guitars but also with sticky phrases with high and deep voices...
Eshtadur, is a musical project created In 2005, the first single called Timo Be Timo, which opened the pursuit of a sound and style, next to this they created "Rebellion Of Angels" the first album with seven songs all composed by Jorge Lopez (drums) and Alex Giraldo (guitars) this was recorded at The Blast Studio, Colombia.
Around two years, the band played concerts in different cities from Colombia, in 2008; Jorge Lopez started to work alone, continuing the work already done with Eshtadur, and without musicians live concerts stopped for a year.
For 2009, Eshtadur came back with a new line up and the next year, they played live shows again, but now with new songs and new work, also playing songs from first album. In 2011, Eshtadur appeared with a new album, "Dominated By Dummies", composed and recorded in Colombia at 444 Studio, with an independent label from USA, an original Cd with ten tracks of new music all composed by Jorge Lopez, new music, harsher and stronger than the first one; this year the band played concerts all around Colombia with the Irish band "Abbadon Incarnate".
This new album was having participation in America and Europe, radio, distribution, and web. In rockstar mayhem festival New Jersey.
The band played with Vader in Lima Peru, June 2012 also played at SoulMetalFest 2012 with Masacre and Underthreat, next to that in the Convivencia Rock Festival, with Whiplash.
After, Eshtadur make the video clip "stay away from evil and get close to me", the single for new album 2013, then in April 2013 the band played with Cradle Of Filth in Medellin.

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