Monday, May 27, 2013

FEN: Live Video at Depressive Fest Moscow 2013

Atmospheric Black Metallers FEN has released a new live video with part of their performing at Depressive Fest Moscow 2013, April 2013. The video can be seen via YouTube channel of  Patricia Thomas, General Manager of the band and is courtesy of the YouTube user Канал пользователя Ilufus.

Drawing their inspiration from the desolate Fen region in England, The Watcher (guitars and vocals) and Grungyn (bass and vocals), formed FEN in 2006, and today’s lineup includes Derwydd on drums. The band’s sound has been variously described as post-black metal, shoegaze and progressive, but however you choose to label it, the music of Fen manages to meld the cold rage of Black Metal with introspection and reflection to create a distinctive, other-worldly atmosphere. “Dustwalker” the band’s third full-length album was released in January on Code666, with whom the band recently signed a deal for a further three albums. 

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