Saturday, May 18, 2013

FIR BOLG: Streaming First song of "Towards Ancestral Lands"

Not long now until the first album of French Black Metal act FIR BOLG will be released. To be more specific, it will be released on June 21st 2013 via Schwardorn Productions. To give you a first impression of "Towards Ancestral Lands" the song "Dun Aengus" is availabe for pre-listening below.

Fir Bolg`s Towards Ancestral Lands Reviewed in

01. Intro
02. Behind the Great Oppidum
03. Blood Heritage
04. Banshees
05. King of Wallachia
06. Strong Old Megalith
07. Final Battle on the Frozen Lake
08. Mag Tuired
09. Dun Aengus

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