Sunday, May 19, 2013

HELLLIGHT streams New Song! Cover Art Revealed!

With the return of his Keyboardist Rafael Sade, HELLLIGHT prepares to present his new work ‘No God above, No Devil below’. The keyboardist joined the band in 2004 and recorded the first album ‘In Memory of the Old Spirits’, released in 2005. Made several presentations with HELLLIGHT and his participation in the group ended in 2007.

Obscure music, slow, heavy and dense... The intent is to convey the deepest feelings and emotions of humanity and the São Paulo`s HELLLIGHT manages, with leftovers, to achieve the goal...

Practicing (with the highest quality) a style that became known as Funeral Doom, the group will take you to another musical dimension!

Developed in partnership with Metal Media, the cover art was designed based on the album title and symbolizes the duality of God and the devil, and can be placed upside down.

No God above, No Devil below’ will be released worldwide by Russian label Solitude Prods, same which released the predecessor ‘And Then, The Light Of Counsciousness Became Hell…’.

The material is scheduled for release the beginning of the second half.

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