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Kozeljnik: Null: The Acheron of Multiform Negation Reviewed

Just having finished my review of the Serbian band The Stone's awesome album Golet (reviewed here) I decided to check out one of the other albums I got from The Stone main man Kozeljnik, namely his solo project (I assume) with the same name as himself.  So what I'm on about is an Ep called Null: The Acheron of Multiform Negation. The band consists of Kozeljnik on mostly everything and LG on drums (also from The Stone). Now when we have all that introduction pleasantries out of the way, let's get nasty.

What Kozeljnik is all about is mostly slow and droning black metal. But this is only half of the truth since besides that allot of the music is slow and depressing black metal, there are some real cool and fun parts here and there. I almost busted out laughing and thinking what the fuck is going on around 3:30-40 on the second track Evoking the Furtive Depths (Reprisal), since the part there is so happy (ok happy might not be the right word, but it made me happy)and bouncy that is fantastic, really not something that you get in most black metal bands. And the song continues like that for a good while. In my opinion to throw in something like this in a black metal song is both daring and showing some real balls from the guys involved. To my ears this Ep sounds like a black metal musician just going fuck it I want to make people smile with my misery, just my take by the way, I might be totally wrong about this. Taking these more bouncy parts together with the somber melodies and emotional moods I think we get something pretty special. And yes there are some faster parts as well, blast beats and the likes. But the main emphasis is on the slower moody parts, with killer melodies that  perhaps will make the weaker of mind turn to the razor waltz.

What makes this Ep stand out from the ever flowing stream of mediocre black metal out there is the vocals. They are not your typical black metal vocals, they are more a mix of black metal screams and clean/standard singing. Sure there is both screams/growls and normal vocals on this Ep, but the, let's call it bastardized singing is the most prominent used vocal tactic. It reminds me of Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone, yes I do think that comparison is pretty spot on. Some parts also reminds me of King Diamond when he is singing/talking in his lower voice. And on the last track of this Ep there are some session vocals from Niclas from Shinning. The mix of somber music and all the different vocals styles makes this for a highly interesting musical journey (fuck what a cliché, I know). On the third song there is a part where we are treated to more normal singing that makes me thing of Woods of Ypres in their more pop moods. Absolutely stunning stuff.

This Ep consists of four song plus two songs from the bands first Ep Wrecked in Ruins of Solitude, to be honest to include these two songs was not that an brilliant of an idea. Since they sound nothing like the other songs and one can really hear the difference in sound and production. It really does sound like another band, and in my mind a worse band.  The two last songs are not bad, just  not up there with the new material. They are faster, I guess more reminiscent of The Stone, just not  as good, and not as original.

This little bump aside all in all I think this Ep is killer. And my focus has been on the four main songs which leaves me wanting to hear more. And I sure hope their next album will be more of this black metal waltz.

As in my review of Golet I have to give praise to drummer LG, he is a fantastic drummer playing the stuff just right and adding small touches here and there to spice things up. Great work my friend.

So while you are out shopping for The Stone's latest album make sure that you pick up this Ep as well.

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1. As if Through a Myriad of Shades
2. Evoking the Furtive Depths (Reprisal)
3. Time, Neglected in the Wound of a Martyr
4. Come, Thou Abhorred and Incessant
5. Scourged with Apathy
6. Wrecked in Ruins of Solitude

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